Mia Nardi
Mia Nardi is an "ideal garden" where you find tulip rings with moveable petals where, instead of a pistil inside you'll find a multicoloured sapphire or you might even come across brightly enamelled water lilies that appear to blossom in a secret garden. Slices of apple or mandarin segments hang from rings or pendants to form a quite fantastical and a somewhat crazy fusion of intents between fruit and jewellery. But it's colour that reigns supreme in all these objects - from its pastel hues to the brighter more likely tones making the most audacious combinations possible.

Mia Nardi even makes the shapes of its jewels so they are aesthetically appealing, creating items with the most up to date materials and lines. Whether they are big or small, before anything else a jewel must be original and wearable.

Balls that revolve in their golden bed, multicoloured discs, big semiprecious gem cabochons that remind us of our childhood games or even the outlines of faraway planets.